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Rock Foundations - St Bernards Hospital

St Bernards Hospital

As part of the upgrade works to the hospital, RF Gib Ltd was asked to provide the micro piles for the new column bases. As all of the works were to be completed from within the basement area specialist restricted access plant would be required.

The ground conditions created a particular challenge, the building being located on a reclaimed site less than 30m from the sea with wet silt/sand for the first 8m. After 8m we encountered soft clays which gradually stiffened until we founded the toe of the pile into the hard merle at 12m.

In order to create as little disturbance as possible to the hospital we opted for a Segmental Flight Augured pile with a nominal 200m diameter.
The reinforcement was provided via a full length 80/90mm threaded bar. In total 91 piles were constructed between May and June 2014 to complete the project.

The majority of the micro piles were installed using the Klemm 702 with the most restricted access piling requiring the Techno Drill rig.