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Rock Foundations - Geothermal - Commercial

Geothermal - Commercial

The earth provides a vast renewable energy resource beneath our feet. Energy from the sun is stored in the earth and is available to heat and cool buildings and heat water for large users, regardless of the time of day, clouds or ambient temperature. This is indigenous energy that does not have to be purchased or transported and it is environmentally friendly.

Governmental, institutional, commercial and municipal buildings are primarily dependent upon fossil fuels as their energy source for water heating. These fuels are expensive and ultimately damaging to the environment.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency is on the agenda for commercial and governmental organisations across the world. Renewable energies are the cleanest, most economic and most readily available energy resources available. To reduce costs, fight climate change and become energy-independent every means available must be utilized.

Geothermal systems present a significant opportunity for saving energy costs, fossil fuel dependency and greenhouse gas emissions because they can use solar energy from the shallow earth anywhere, any time. Governments can save money, reduce emissions and set a positive example by using clean technologies in their facilities and provide saving incentives to service providers that implement these types of energy saving systems.

Whether the owner of a hotel, the facilities manager of an office complex or a managing committee of a Government department our solutions can assist you to improve energy efficiency in an environmentally positive fashion.

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