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Rock Foundations - Geothermal - Residential

Geothermal - Residential

Geothermal energy is a constant, reliable and environmentally sound source of energy originating from heat retained within the earth and distributed throughout a building in the form of heated water.

Geothermal solutions for both residential and commercial installations are convenient, versatile and mechanically simple offering reliability, minimal maintenance and easy integration with existing air distribution systems. The small size of the system means that it can be easily located in either the mechanical room of your building or outside with no need for air or water loop circulation.

A single 6-ton system can pre-heat 4,000 litres per day to 43°C for commercial applications such as Hotels and other large-scale residential environments. If necessary the preheated water temperature can be boosted to a higher temperature by a standard commercial water heater.

The system delivers up to 400% efficiency* which means that you can lower your water heating costs by up to 75%. No matter where your commercial operations are located, you can generally recover the initial investment in 3 to 4 years depending on the system's configuration, usage and the cost of energy sources. The more you use its efficiency, the higher the return on your investment. Moreover, you will be able to stabilize your energy budget by reducing exposure to escalating energy prices.

*For every unit of electricity used to operate the compressor, the system delivers 4 units of heat

  • No exterior coil, fan and capacitor, defrost timer and ancillary wiring
  • No flue gas venting
  • No explosion or asphyxiation hazard
  • No combustion air supply needed
  • No gas main needed

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