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Rock Foundations - Testing


Rock Foundations have been involved in a host of testing techniques for many varied projects and products across multiple regions.

Pre-contract testing provides the client with an accurate assessment for the piles capabilities as well as removing a great deal of uncertainty with regards to the ground conditions. Providing this service allows for a greater accuracy of cost estimation for the project. Post-works testing is also used to confirm the predicted performance of the piles/ anchors and is used to verify the final design.

Restricted access often dictates the selection of testing techniques and methods, on larger less restricted sites it has been possible to construct static test frames capable of receiving sufficient kentaledge weights to apply the desired load axially through the test pile.

In more restricted circumstances a reaction frame of test can be utilised, in this instance a number of reaction anchors are installed in a predesigned arrangement around the test pile, a smaller reaction frame is constructed connecting the anchors. A load from a controlled load cell is applied to through the test pile. In the case of anchors and soil nails a pull out test is often required to determine the capacity of the anchor.

In all tests the load is applied to the pile or anchor under safe conditions and always to a testing regime as specified by the design engineer.

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