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Rock Foundations - Dudley Ward Tunnel

Dudley Ward Tunnel

The Government of Gibraltar had undertaken a project to carry out a ground engineering exercise which would re-open the Dudley Ward tunnel including a road widening scheme, improving local access and road traffic movement. In order to widen the existing carriageway one of the military tunnel entrances had to reconstructed further inland.

Construction work could not take place without the slope above and either side of the existing tunnel entrance being stabilised. Rock Foundations (Gibraltar) was asked to mobilise equipment capable of drilling sufficient anchors to achieve this goal.

Although access was extremely challenging we were able to position our Klemm 802 on temporary platforms. Using this powerful drilling rig we were able to install 82 anchors to a depth of up to 8m with each anchor needing to be socketed into the hard rock to the design engineers specification.

Having grouted in the reinforcement bar along with the nuts and plates our skilled operatives proceeded to cover the entire area with spray concrete. Despite the challenges presented by this project the works were completed within budget and within programme time-scales.