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Rock Foundations - Park Manor GeoThermal

Park Manor GeoThermal

A residential client sought to provide heating for both an external and an indoor swimming pool as well as the heating and cooling system for a large Villa in Estepona.

Rock Foundations (SL) provided a single system which, with careful design, was able to perform all of these demanding tasks to a high degree of efficiency and ongoing reliability.

The system comprised of 8 GeoThermal Heat Pumps, 38 loops drilled to 30m were required to service the 8 pumps. In order to install the GeoThermal solution the engineers mobilsed the Klemm 802 piling rig. The whole system was installed with a minimum amount of disturbance to the owners and the surrounding property with the works reaching completion within 3 weeks.

This particular heating and cooling system has been operating successfully for over 10 years. With routine visits for maintenance covering this period of time the system has proved to be reliable and a highly cost effective way of providing the clients' heating and cooling requirements.